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Writing software requires passion, skill, and a considerable amount of time. However, time is our most limited resource, so let's explore techniques helping us to craft great software faster.

Effective Software Engineering

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Efficient Task Management

Describes an effective task management system for getting stuff done.

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Staying Focused

This post will share five simple strategies to become less distracted and stay focused.

Angular Guides

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Beginners Guide to npm

Gives a brief introduction to npm and its most commonly-used command-line commands.

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Introduction to ESLint

Provides a brief introduction into ESLint.

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Angular on GitHub Pages

Gives an introduction to hosting an Angular project on GitHub Pages

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RxJS in Angular

This post covers a short example of using RxJS in an Angular controller.

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RxJS Operators

RxJS offers a range of operators of which map, filter and tap get presented.


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Containerizing PostgreSQL

Gives step-by-step instructions for containerizing Postgres database.

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Virtual Envs & Dependencies

Gives an introduciton to virtual environments and dependency management in Python.

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Containerize Flask Apps

This post covers the creation of a container image for a minimal Flask application.

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Containerize Angular Apps

This post covers the creation of a container image for a minimal Angular application.

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Introduction to Docker

Provides a high-level introduction to Docker an its terminology.

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Multi Container Applications

Describes how to build an application based on a minimal Flask backend and Angular frontend


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The Effective Engineer

Gives a brief summary of The Effective Engineer: How to Leverage Your Efforts in Software Engineering by Edward Law.